Welcome to Blogger Demo Scenaria page.

So this is a quick demo page for Scenaria, if you view this page in the player you will see a graphic of a lighthouse and a single word 'home' that is, in fact, a link to another site.
Within the page (and surrounded by HTML Comments so it's not shown to web users) we have embedded some XML tags-

<scene3d  title="Blogger Demo page" description="">

    <hologram uri="Label" uid="A1"  positionxyz="0.1,0.0,3" text="Welcome to Blogger.com" font-style="boldanditalic"  font-family="Arial" color="255,0,0,255"  font-size="300">
    <hologram uri="Label" uid="A10"  positionxyz="0.1,-0.2,3" text="This 3D scene was generated by a blog post on blogger.com." font-style="boldanditalic"  font-family="Arial" color="255,255,255,255"  font-size="120">

    <hologram uri="Label" uid="A20"  positionxyz="-0.5,-0.4,3" text="Click here to go Home"  onclick='LoadScene("http://scenariapublicuk.azurewebsites.net/scenes/index.htm")' >    </hologram> 
    <hologram uri="http://scenariapublicuk.azurewebsites.net/scenes/lighthouse/lighthouse.obj" uid="A100" visible="true"  positionxyz="0.0,-0.4,3" rotationxyzw="0.0,90,90,0" >



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