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High Level overview of how Scenaria works


Some of the videos of HL projects done using Scenaria

We did some internal work producing some quick video examples of the work we have done using Scenaria. We just thought they may be interesting to people.  Client video (Bureau Veritas) Engineer training    Virtual Conference stand for AZ Inspector training on large assets (cranes/MEWP) Unscripted training session on steam boilers A brief introduction to Virtual Site Office/control Using HoloLens to view 3D scans - Dental   ISO shipping container tank training (5 minutes)  ------ Scenaria Team

Scenaria - now supports unity animations

Really excited to release Scenaria v1.51 The main change is the ability to play Unity (and possibly other) animation files .anim within a scene.  To load an animation into your scene - copy the .anim file (which is a text file with the animation data serialized in YAML format) onto your web server. Then add a script command to load and play the animation on demand. e.g. add a command PlayPauseAnimation("A100","/pipe/myanimation.anim","loop","*"); where - PlayPauseAnimation is the script command "A100" is the Asset ID of the hologram we want to animate  "/pipe/myanimation.anim" is the relative path on the web server to the .anim file "loop" - controls the number of times the animation is played - Unity allows  "loop" to play the animation indefinitely -  "once" to play then stop the animation (the default)  "pingpong" "*" - is the Hololens that the ani

Scenaria scripting language

Scenaria scripting language Scenaria includes a simple scripting language for manipulating holograms, scenes and accessing Hololens resources. The language is under active development (though at some stage we will also add a JavaScript option). The latest list of internal functions can be found here. We will update this on a regular basis with examples and notes. Script command list  (June 6th 2019 ) Basic scripting intro (blog post)

Happy 3rd Birthday Scenaria!

Wow, it's been 3 years and 32 release since we started developing Scenaria!  Thanks to the team and all our friends.   Scenaria Team  ---------------------------  SmartDS   +44 1625 560123 Web site:  Get Scenaria in the USA MS Store   Get Scenaria in the UK MS Store