Update details for version 1.62


  • New light asset. We added the unity light asset so you can now add extra lights to your scene.
e.g. <hologram uri="Light" uid="A10"  positionxyz="1.783,-0.589,5.575"  color="255,255,255,255" type="spot" intensity="250" range="1" show="true" rotationxyzw="0,0.7071068,0,0.7071068"></hologram>

    • Where [type] can be spot, point or area
    • [Color] is the RGBA value of the light
    • [show] sets the light on or off and should be set in script to true or false 
    • We also support the unity values for [Intensity] and [range]  

  • Hololens scene load sequence messages. Lots of work has been done to handle 2 or more HL working together to inform the secondary devices (anything other than the primary device running the load sequence) how many assets they are waiting for it to load when changing scenes.

    There is a new state of "Waiting for the scene to be ready" which occurs if the secondary devices finished loading its assets before the primary device finishes loading and running all its scripts.
    During this time the secondary devices cannot execute any scripts or interact with the scene. Once the primary devices have completed its load sequence the message (on the secondary devices) will change to "Scene loaded" and they can start interacting as normal.

  • WIFI network name.  The settings screen on the NAV bar now shows the current WIFI network that the user is connected to.

Avatars are back! We have restored the Avatar for remote users. At this stage its a simple fixed avatar of a generic block type person. The avatar will appear when users join a scene who do not have the same WIFI network name. 
The avatar will track the users head movements within the scene.

The intention (in a future release) is to replace this default avatar and to allow assets to load from a remote source as a .obj file. We will use a standard format to offer head and simulated body movement. This would allow personal avatars to be loaded into scenes as needed.


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