Update details for version 1.63 


  • Added a new Line asset for drawing simple straight lines.

    Note at this point, we only support a solid, straight,  colored line with start and end values and no line endpoint graphics.

    The following will draw a line between the start and endpoints with the line color changing from red to green and fading out towards the end of the line.
e.g. <hologram uri="line" uid="A30"  start-positionxyz ="1,1,3"  end-positionxyz="1,0.0,3" start-width="0.01" end-width="0.01" start-color="255,0,0,255" end-color="0,255,0,0"></hologram>
    • Special additional properties supported

      • [start-positionxyz] and [end-positionxyz] the start/end positions in 3D of the line.
      • [start-width] and [end-width] the start and end width of the line. E.g. (these are floating-point values). To draw an arrow try 0.1 for start and 0.001 for the end.

      • [start-color] and [end-color] are the start and end colors of the line. Note color here is defined using 4 properties  R,G,B and A.  where A is the opaqueness of the line (0 is invisible, 255 is opaque)
  • Added a new Presence asset for detecting a user walking over an area.

    This could be used to trigger actions, turn on lights etc whenever one or more users enter an area.

    The following will display or hide an asset when the user enters a 2mx2m area. In this example, the detect area is shown in blue until the user enter after which it turns red. When the user leaves it turns blue again.

    Note 1 though the scaling factor shows 0.001 for the Y, we actually ignore the Y-axis in detecting presence. The scaling is used simply to flatten the asset when displaying it.

    Note 2 currently the Presence area is a rectangle - multiple presence areas will be needed to build a more irregular shape.

    <hologram uri="Presence" uid="A2002" positionxyz="4,-1.5,5" showhits="true" show="true"  scalexyz="2,0.001,2" color="0,0,255,255" selected-color="255,0,0,255" onfocusenter='SetVisibility("A2000",true);' onfocusexit='SetVisibility("A2000",false)'></hologram>
    • Special additional properties supported

      • [showhits]
      • [show]
      • [color]
      • [selected-color]
      • [onfocusenter]
      • [onfocusexit]
  • Added a new feature Gaze Clicking. Now you can click on a link, button, image or other assets simply by holding your gaze on them for 3 seconds. When you do the blue hololens cursor will be surrounded by a purple animated Gaze timer that runs for 3 seconds before clicking. 
    Gaze clicking is turned on by default. The Nav bar now has an extra field on it to allow you to turn off gaze clicking. This will turn it on/off for all scenes in this session. Currently, the setting will not be saved across application loads.

    We have modified the Hologram to now allow you to turn gaze clicks on or off for a specific Hologram. Use the property "
    allow-gazeclicks" to set it true or false.

    For example, if Gaze Clicks are turned on, you can disable them for a single hologram by setting allow-gazeclicks="false" in the .htm page.

    e.g. Stop gaze clicking on abc.obj you would set the 
    allow-gazeclicks property to false.
    <hologram uri="abc.obj" uid="A20" visible="true" positionxyz="0.0,-0.5,5" allow-gazeclicks="false" onclick='....'></hologram>

    You can also control the gaze click via scripting. We have added the following scripting function AllowGazeClick. There are two properties

    • [id] is the asset id of the object "*" means turns it off/on for all (except where a hologram has the allow-gazeclicks property set)
    • AllowGazeClick("[id]","[value]") e.g

      AllowGazeClick("A20","False") would turn off gaze clicking for Asset ID "A20". AllowGazeClick("*","False") would turn off gaze click for all asset[value] is "true" or "false" 


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