Update details for version 1.70  Changes: Added access to the scenes generated by SDS Scenaria Editor Connect Scenaria into SDS Forms and Training system Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue with running out of memory after loading complex scenes
Update details for version 1.64  Changes: Added a new  Edit script command. This allows a developer to toggle the scale and rotate edit options on for an asset. Note the changes will not be preserved across scene loads. e.g.  Adding the script command Edit to the onclick event will cause the scale and rotate bounding box and controls to appear and allow the user to manipulate the asset. Usage: Edit("[ID]"); where ID is the Unique Identifier (UID) e.g. A20 in teh example below. <hologram uri="abc.obj" uid="A20" positionxyz="0.0,-0.5,5"  onclick='Edit("A20");' ></hologram> Added a new Move script command.  This allows a developer to toggle the move option for the asset. Note the changes will not be preserved across scene loads. e.g.  Adding the script command Move to the onclick event will allow the user to move the asset within the scene.   Usage: Move("[ID]"); where ID is the Unique Identifier (UID)
Update details for version 1.63  Changes: Added a new Line  asset for drawing simple straight lines . Note at this point, we only support a solid, straight,  colored line with start and end values and no line endpoint graphics. The following will draw a line between the start and endpoints with the line color changing from red to green and fading out towards the end of the line. e.g.  <hologram uri="line" uid="A30"  start-positionxyz ="1,1,3"  end-positionxyz="1,0.0,3" start-width="0.01" end-width="0.01" start-color="255,0,0,255" end-color="0,255,0,0"></hologram> Special additional properties supported [start-positionxyz] and [ end-positionxyz] the start/end positions in 3D of the line. [start-width] and [end-width] the start and end width of the line. E.g. (these are floating-point values). To draw an arrow try 0.1 for start and 0.001 for the end. [start-color] and [en
Update details for version 1.62 Changes: New light asset. We added the unity light asset so you can now add extra lights to your scene. e.g.  <hologram uri="Light" uid="A10"  positionxyz="1.783,-0.589,5.575"  color="255,255,255,255" type="spot" intensity="250" range="1" show="true" rotationxyzw="0,0.7071068,0,0.7071068"></hologram> Where [type] can be spot, point or area [Color] is the RGBA value of the light [show] sets the light on or off and should be set in script to true or false  We also support the unity values for [Intensity] and [range]   Hololens scene load sequence messages . Lots of work has been done to handle 2 or more HL working together to inform the secondary devices (anything other than the primary device running the load sequence) how many assets they are waiting for it to load when changing scenes. There is a new state of "Waiting for the s
Update details for version 1.59 Changes: Main menu position stays constant across room changes. Added the ability to specify the room number in URL link. So in script, you can now specify the shared room number that you wish to join. So you could add it to the onclick for a link e.g. to jump the user to room 6666 you could use -        <hologram uri="tile.png" uid="A100" visible="true"                                                           onclick='LoadScene("room://6666");'> </hologram>        or add it to a script                          <script> jumpToRoom=function()  LoadScene("room://6666"); end function </script> Fixes: Fixed an issue with switching rooms 

High Level overview of how Scenaria works


Some of the videos of HL projects done using Scenaria

We did some internal work producing some quick video examples of the work we have done using Scenaria. We just thought they may be interesting to people.  Client video (Bureau Veritas) Engineer training    Virtual Conference stand for AZ Inspector training on large assets (cranes/MEWP) Unscripted training session on steam boilers A brief introduction to Virtual Site Office/control Using HoloLens to view 3D scans - Dental   ISO shipping container tank training (5 minutes)  ------ Scenaria Team